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Does distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Happy Monday loves! It still doesn’t feel like Monday since I’m not counting down the minutes until the beautiful hot mess that is The Bachelor.  I’m as guilty, if not more than C when it comes to my part in submitting my posts. The saying “life is non stop” is an understatement.  In the last… Continue reading Does distance makes the heart grow fonder?

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Dating: ain’t nobody got time for that

Happy Bachelor Finale Hangover Day!! I had a feeling Vanessa was going to win but WHOA I did not anticipate how awkward they were going to be together. Honestly, SO FREAKING GLAD this season is over. It was by far one of the worst. And how about them bringing out some of Rachel’s dudes? I… Continue reading Dating: ain’t nobody got time for that

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Hello, It’s Me…

How was your weekend?! I feel like I have been MIA over the last week but work totally kicked my @$%. Hopefully this week is a little more calm. It is already off to a great start. I took my student worker to lunch and then met my mentor for margaritas last night. She texted… Continue reading Hello, It’s Me…

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The Do’s and Do Not’s of Dating

Y’all. How is it only Wednesday? Yesterday, the UPS guy told me to have a good weekend. Like WTF. How is it not Friday? Lord be with me as I survive the rest of this week. I have an all afternoon meeting that I am totally dreading tomorrow and a presentation on Friday. Give me… Continue reading The Do’s and Do Not’s of Dating

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PSA: Life isn’t an IG post

Hello my fellow 20 somethings! I hope your week is starting out as bright as the sun is shining through my window right now. Can we just take a moment to talk about Monday’s episode of the Bachelor? Who else is still trying to process the $3k date Corinne took Nick on? Anyone else thinking… Continue reading PSA: Life isn’t an IG post

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Let it all out, honey

The struggle is so real today. I am trying to get back into the groove of things after spending the weekend with my awesome family/getting over a weird 24 hour exhaustion bug. My big bro is a basketball coach so I went down to SC to watch his last home game/see my parents/spend time with… Continue reading Let it all out, honey

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When You Know, You Know.

Before I get started, I want to preface this post by giving a huge shout out to my bestie C for keeping the posts and insta pics flowing. As you can see this is my first one in a hot minute. I have been dealing with some personal stuff that will eventually make for a… Continue reading When You Know, You Know.