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WTF Wednesday

I am currently sitting at my desk just wondering how on earth it is only WEDNESDAY??? Over the weekend I texted my DC bestie and was like “next week at work is going to be so slow for me.” LOLOLOL @ that. Note to self: NEVER utter those words again. Let’s talk about what has… Continue reading WTF Wednesday

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The Freakin’ Weekend

Oh my LAWD what a weekend! Last week was socially cray cray. I decided to switch it up, AGAIN, and give you the run down of my weekend. WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Tuesday is not the weekend. OBVI. But on May 3, 2016 I saw Beyonce in concert and life… Continue reading The Freakin’ Weekend

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You better work, b!%#^.

Y’all. I feel like I need to re-introduce myself. It has been a hot minute since I sat down to write something for y’all and I am sorry! Life has been non-stop for the last month for me and maintaining the blog has been on serious pause. On top of full work weeks, I have… Continue reading You better work, b!%#^.



Hi! Remember me? Yeah I know, it’s been forever; 19 days to be exact. It’s currently 10pm on Saturday and I am writing this in my king size bed in my brand new apartment. Yes, you heard that right! If you’ve been so kind as to have followed C and me from the start you’ll… Continue reading #LifeJustGotReal

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Does distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Happy Monday loves! It still doesn’t feel like Monday since I’m not counting down the minutes until the beautiful hot mess that is The Bachelor.  I’m as guilty, if not more than C when it comes to my part in submitting my posts. The saying “life is non stop” is an understatement.  In the last… Continue reading Does distance makes the heart grow fonder?

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Break the stereotype: what lifting taught me about being a woman.

Lifting weights as a woman often gets a bad rep. But the myth that shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by woman who fear work and men who fear women. ย Many women shy away from the metal because they worry that if they lift they will look too manly (side note: unless on steroids, you… Continue reading Break the stereotype: what lifting taught me about being a woman.

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Dating: ain’t nobody got time for that

Happy Bachelor Finale Hangover Day!! I had a feeling Vanessa was going to win but WHOA I did not anticipate how awkward they were going to be together. Honestly, SO FREAKING GLAD this season is over. It was by far one of the worst. And how about them bringing out some of Rachel’s dudes? I… Continue reading Dating: ain’t nobody got time for that