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WTF Wednesday

I am currently sitting at my desk just wondering how on earth it is only WEDNESDAY??? Over the weekend I texted my DC bestie and was like “next week at work is going to be so slow for me.” LOLOLOL @ that.

Note to self: NEVER utter those words again.

Let’s talk about what has happened this week, shall we?

I have an intern working for me over the summer which was been a wonderful adjustment and challenge. Having an intern has really forced me to get organized, stay motivated and come up with creative challenges/tasks for her to accomplish. She really is a wonderful addition to our little team and I am loving being pushed to be a strong leader for her.

On Monday, my intern knocked out a major task and just KILLED IT. I ended up having a lot on my to-do list and completed everything… until 4pm hit. *insert bomb dropping sound effects*

I wished I could discuss what happened and maybe eventually I will be able to but it is currently under investigation/in a termination process and I do not want my post to disrupt that. I don’t want to leave you completely in the dark so let’s just say someone that my company knows and works closely with performed a task that is incredibly illegal.

I left the office on Monday in complete and utter shock. I honestly lost a little sleep over it because I could not believe someone would stoop to a new low.

Tuesday morning rolled around and I still was just in major shock. I had blocked the morning off for me and my intern to collaborate on developing this new training program. I felt so bad for her because I was totally out of it. #LeadershipFail. Thankfully she is the and helped ME get through the morning.

4pm rolls around and I hear my boss run outside. I just thought he saw someone he knew or the yard people were doing something incorrectly. FALSE. SO FALSE.

He comes back inside to tell me that there is an ambulance, fire truck and two sheriff deputies at his next door neighbors house. Naturally I go outside and find two of the neighborhood ladies out there so we stand around and speculate for a good 20 minutes. At this point it was time for me to go home so I am doing my daily routine of recapping the day with my boss when I notice a new car in the neighbors driveway. We go outside to find the Crime Scene Unit vehicle. My boss’s wife comes up to us to tell us that his neighbor has DIED. SHE DIED. LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD. SHE DIED. This woman was so fascinating and so kind and now she is gone.

I stayed with the ladies until about 6-630pm mainly to make sure my boss’s wife was ok because they were VERY close. Like I still cannot believe she is gone. I did not know her very well but I definitely knew her well enough to feel the shock.

I have so much on my plate right now on top of these tragedies. Needless to say I am a little stressed. I am babysitting till about midnight tonight, J gets in tomorrow (YAY), I have a meeting on Sunday and then dress shopping with my newly engaged friend. Can I just give a bigass shoutout to J? I had a last minute event sprung on me and homegirl is COMING WITH ME. Talk about a badass support system. I think the free wine post-event is what really enticed her but I am going to pretend it is to support me.

Ok so why am I writing about all of this? Because LIFE HAPPENS. Like shit got real this week and dealing with the neighbors death yesterday made me realize that IF I were to die in my townhome, literally no one would be able to get to me. No one has my house key so I made the decision to go make copies of my house key. If you are my friend and you live in Wilm– guess what?? You’re about to get my house key. I’m about to be the Oprah of keys… YOU GET A KEY! AND YOU GET A KEY! AND YOU GET A KEY! My boss is included in this list. You’re also going to get my landlords number. These things make you take a step back and realize how precious our time is here. That is such a cliche thing to say but how often do we all worry about these trivial matters or these minute details that carry little weight in the grand scheme of things? NEW GOAL: just LIVE. stop worrying and just LIVE.

Total side note but make sure you are following us on insta so you can see our adventures when J arrives in Wilm! Our to-do list for Thursday includes:

  • going to my event to support some badass women pitching leadership development projects
  • taking a walk at the loop down at Wrightsville Beach
  • getting sushi for dinner. obvi. and wine. lots of wine.

Get ready!!



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