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Brunch so hard Mimosa wanna find me

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!  I am back stateside and tanner than ever (sorry not sorry).  I know I have been delayed in getting you all updated on current events so here it is: my, AMAZING, bridal shower recap! BTW did anyone else envy C’s derby party and golf weekend? The tourney is usually in my hometown so I go every year, but this year they moved it Wilm so that our course can get all spiffy for the PGA next year.

So first I need to shout out to all my amazing friends and family who put on one hell of a shower. Thank you all so much for going above an beyond to make that weekend so great! My MOH and C drove in the Friday before and we were able to spend all weekend together; they wasted no time in helping my mother and future mother-in-law (FMIL) set up and get ready.  Mr. Forever made sure to find himself nice and comfy playing a few rounds of 18.

Let’s cut to the good stuff now: MIMOSA BAR.  I am telling you this with 100% emphasis, if you haven’t had a mimosa bar brunch/party you’ve been doing life wrong this whole time.  Just pinterest “mimosa bar” and you’ll be set.  Ma got 12 BIG bottles of champs and we used a few different types of juices and fruit.  I wanted to keep with my rustic wedding theme but still have a touch a glam so the colors were pink and gold and we used mason jars: FANTASTIC.

The party was at my FMIL’s and it was low key and PERFECT. You don’t need to make it a huge shebang; you just need your closest gal pals and family, good food and strong drinks.  We decided instead of catering to just make our own food (hand held, easy snacks that are filling enough to soak up some alcohol but wouldn’t keep them full for dinner).  I contributed my buffalo chicken dip (I use this recipe, but add my own twist) and my great grandmother’s pasta salad.  Ma made a big fruit salad and these caprese skewers (BIG HIT), my FMIL went all out with a breakfast casserole, white chocolate dipped pretzels and a veggie platter.  I also need to shout out Publix Bakery who, hands down wins the best cupcake award.

unnamed (8)
Bridal Shower cupcake design (Publix put it together and added the bling)
SIDE NOTE: back when Mr. Forever and I were planning our engagement party I was set on having a cupcake tower but of course didn’t want to pay bakery price for 200 cupcakes. I had one friend tell me that they did their wedding cake from Publix and another friend say she was able to get her mother’s 50th birthday cake there done up with fondant and a fancy style that no other bakery could do.  They both said that people could not stop raving about how good they were and they paid HALF, if not more, than bakery prices.  So I gave it a shot…DING DING DING; WINNER.  They are now doing our wedding cupcakes as well.

Of course no party is complete without games and we had some great ones! Tip: have a “get to know you” game that guests pick up when they walk in and fill out throughout the party.  This is great if you have a bunch of different friend circles/family that might not know each other.  Etsy was a huge help in finding the games we needed to fit our theme; we used a few from this collection .  Getting your hubby involved is always fun by playing “What did he say“.  These fun games will not only allow your guests to learn something about you, but you might learn something about them and your hubs-to-be.

unnamed (9)
The arrangement we had at our engagement party. 
All in all I think your bridal shower should be low key and super personal and that is exactly what mine was.  I want to go back and redo it (okay that might be due to the endless flow of champs thanks to my MOH and C who never let my jar go unfilled), but still, I just love my family and friends so much.

My MOH is a hair dresser so of course my hair was ON FLEEK! Boo if you’re reading this, here is your shout out.  She will of course be doing my hair and the bridesmaid’s on the Big Day (which can we just take a moment and try to process that the Big Day is happening in 4 months!!!!).  I kept my attire comfy and simple (I didn’t want to do the whole white thing) by wearing off white lace shorts and the cutest “bride” shirt that my FMIL gave me for Christmas; the shirt is pink and gold so yes, that is where the whole theme came from.

Now you know my MOH and C couldn’t just come into town, start drinking mimosas at 10am and call it a weekend.  We kept the party going into the night (literally the planned nap we had didn’t happen) and met up with Mr. Forever and some of his friends to continue our shenanigans.  We kept it pretty adult (shocking I know) and were home by 12am but I still couldn’t have been happier with how the weekend turned out.  Again, to all my ladies reading, YOU’RE THE REAL MVP’s.

As always, thank ya’ll for reading! I’d love to hear your bridal shower tips/stories and if you need any other info, please ask!! Over the next few days I will be putting together my Virgin Island adventure for ya’ll.  WARNING: you might get super jealous, again sorry not sorry.  But for real, it was the best vacation yet and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Keep your heads up, only one more day!

xoxo – J

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