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The Freakin’ Weekend

Oh my LAWD what a weekend! Last week was socially cray cray. I decided to switch it up, AGAIN, and give you the run down of my weekend.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Tuesday is not the weekend. OBVI. But on May 3, 2016 I saw Beyonce in concert and life has literally never been the same. If you have learned anything about me from this blog it should be that I worship at the feet of the Almighty and Holy Beysus. To commemorate this date, I have included some of my fav pictures from that night:


Back in November, a band called Anderson East came to Wilmington, NC. Turns out, my boss’s nephew runs the sound for the band and they were coming to town a day before their show so they spent the afternoon/evening at the office shooting pool and drinking. A LOT. Obviously I participated in these activities and became a new fan of the band.

Fast forward to last Thursday and they were back in Wilm at the Throne Theater! No pool and booze this time but I did go to the show and they were amazing. Per usual. If you don’t know, the lead singer is Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend. They are incredibly talented so go listen to their music on Spotify.


*I took this photo from Throne’s insta because I suck at taking pictures but go give them a follow if you live in Wilm!


If you checked our insta story, you most likely saw that I was at a golf tournament which I wouldn’t think would be my scene but I actually really liked it! Eagle Point Golf Course in Wilm was hosting the Wells Fargo Championship so my co-worker asked me to go with her. Do I understand golf? Definitely not. But what I do understand is that this golf tournament had a Tito’s bar and a freaking good cheeseburger so count me in for next year.


I had an awesome Saturday morning. It started off with an episode binge of ‘Reign‘. So embarrassing but it is my new Netflix obsession until House of Cards comes back at the end of the month. I made my avocado and egg toast (check out my insta for my pic of that beaut) and some peanut butter/honey toast. I got my fitness on, ran a couple errands, Narcy came over to hang my guest bedroom curtains (no that is not an innuendo for anything. He for realz owed me big time and he knew it) and then got ready for my main event… DERBY PARTY!! My friend, we will call her Nola because that’s where she is from, was my plus one and WOW did we have a good time.

My boss hosted this party and he warned me that the mint juleps were strong but he did not warn me that they were THAT strong. I had three but considering how drunk I was, you would have thought that I drank 10. PSA y’all: MINT JULEPS ARE SNEAKY LITTLE SHITS.

Good news: I bet on the right horse and won $10

Bad news: I was drunk AF

When I got home, I have no idea what drunk Caroline did BUT I woke up and apparently listened to T-Pain on YouTube and found a number of Meryl Streep memes in my camera roll so apparently shit got weird. If I attempted to FaceTime you or successfully did FaceTime you, you are welcome and I am sorry.


I woke up around 7 still drunk so I went back to bed until 9. Knowing I had to be at my friends house by 1030 for brunch was literally a nauseating feeling but I actually made myself look decent, chugged water and made the drive over the bridge. I killed some biscuits as soon as I walked in, drank a mimosa (hair of the dog, amirite?) and then we departed for the final round of the Wells Fargo Championship. I was blessed by the golf gods because we stayed seated on the green at hole 9. I had another delicious cheeseburger thinking it would bring me back to life but all I wanted to do was nap. We left early. Again… #blessed. I drove home, showered, and was literally asleep by 7:30pm and did not move until my alarm went off this morning. LOLZ.


Holy moly. I am exhausted just typing all of that! What a weekend. How was yours? I am seriously so pumped to read about J’s week in St. Thomas. Her bridal shower recap is slightly delayed because… vacation but stay tuned for those pictures, as well!


xoxo- C


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