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WTF Wednesday

I am currently sitting at my desk just wondering how on earth it is only WEDNESDAY??? Over the weekend I texted my DC bestie and was like “next week at work is going to be so slow for me.” LOLOLOL @ that. Note to self: NEVER utter those words again. Let’s talk about what has… Continue reading WTF Wednesday

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Brunch so hard Mimosa wanna find me

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!  I am back stateside and tanner than ever (sorry not sorry).  I know I have been delayed in getting you all updated on current events so here it is: my, AMAZING, bridal shower recap! BTW did anyone else envy C’s derby party and golf weekend? The tourney is usually in my… Continue reading Brunch so hard Mimosa wanna find me

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The Freakin’ Weekend

Oh my LAWD what a weekend! Last week was socially cray cray. I decided to switch it up, AGAIN, and give you the run down of my weekend. WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Tuesday is not the weekend. OBVI. But on May 3, 2016 I saw Beyonce in concert and life… Continue reading The Freakin’ Weekend