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WOW. It honestly feels like months since I have written something for y’all. I am so sorry but for realz tho… my job pays the billz soooooo that comes first. Life is a bit nuts right now. I feel like I haven’t had any time to my self during the week with all the late hours I have been working but so it goes.

Because I have been so busy, I feel like I have really devoted the limited amount of free time to a pack of awesome people. Let’s catch up:

The weekend of March 17th I went to Winston-Salem to visit my lil bro. He got me tickets to see Thomas Rhett in concert and it was AWESOME. I literally drank all weekend which was a blessing and a curse. Shout out to all my friends who endured Drunk C and her texts throughout the weekend. Y’all are the real MVP’s. Drunk C also unblocked X on Facebook so she could attempt to creep then Drunk C forgot to re-block X and guess who slid into her inbox? GOOD TIMES. GOOD FREAKING TIMES. I really need to figure out an alter ego for my drunk self.


Narcy update: I am annoyed AF at his text messages. He has been gone a lot so there really is no point and I can’t even. *insert all of the eyeroll emojis* Like I don’t even know what else to say other than if I have to talk about his damn fish one more time. I was texting my DC bestie yesterday and she was helping me unpack my weird dreams, one was about Narcy. We finally came to the conclusion that he literally brings nothing to my life. So wtf do I do? Keep him around? Kick him to the curb? SOMEONE HALP ME.

Last weekend was low key AF and it was amazing AF. I spent some much needed time with one of my besties here in Wilm. We both are about to be traveling a lot so it was nice to just lay on the couch, drink wine and watch basketball with her.

Ok so honestly I think I am discovering that I do not have a lot of patience for people right now. I am in a serious lull and you know what? That is ok by me. I have so much going on right now that dating just honestly feels more like a burden than something I should be excited about. Speaking of excitement, I cannot figure out for the life of me what makes me excited anymore. Ok aside from tacos and Beyonce. I am currently on a path to find excitement. Did I tell you that I joined a gym? This was a big step for me because I fall victim to gymtimidation. I literally know nothing about machines BUT my gym has Zumba and while I was in class on Saturday nad Sunday, I think that was the happiest I have been in a hot minute. Just straight shaking my groove thang while sweating my ass off. Is that sad? Whatevs. IDGAF. Whoa. I need to get my attitude in check.


Holy rambling blog post. If you are reading this conclusion now, bless you. I know that was a lot of follow but I appreciate you more than you know. Hopefully I survive my trade show on Thursday so I can be back in full writing force! TTYL. BYYEEEE.


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