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The Do’s and Do Not’s of Dating

Y’all. How is it only Wednesday? Yesterday, the UPS guy told me to have a good weekend. Like WTF. How is it not Friday? Lord be with me as I survive the rest of this week. I have an all afternoon meeting that I am totally dreading tomorrow and a presentation on Friday. Give me all the wine Friday night. What am I talking about? Give me all the wine EVERY NIGHT.


A few posts back I wrote an open letter to my friends about the do’s and don’ts of setting me up. I want to revisit that list but switch the focus to the dudes. I received some input from current single ladies and former for items that are on their list. I think it is important to have a list and stick to it because otherwise we try and make up for the guys short comings (wuddup Tiny Hands… too soon? ok sorry…)

While reading the list, keep in mind that this list applies to dates in the “exploratory phase” before you really establish that you’re exclusive.

And aawwaayyy we goooooo…


-meet me for a drink, not dinner.

-pay for said drinks (TOTAL PERSONAL PREFERENCE. if you are all about going dutch,  I want to hear from you!!)

-be on time. maybe a tad early but not too early… a girl has to have time to get ready!

-actually remember details about our conversation (this is geared more towards the second date)

-take some time to care what you look like. PLEASE SHOWER. throw on deo for B.O. and spritz some cologne. bottom line: show that you put in some effort.

-talk about the things you’re passionate about and WHY you are passionate about them (unless that topic is money or politics or your ex)

-open doors and use your manners.

-make eye contact.

-ask me questions and actively listen.

-be honest and vulnerable. if I see you doing that, it will make it easier for me to do the same.

-send me a follow-up text either that night or early the next morning/afternoon. don’t wait 48 hours. NOT COOL.

-relax. be cool. no need for added pressure on yourself.


-talk about money or politics or your ex.

-be on your cell phone the entire time/no facetiming. that’s weird.

-no pre-first date phone calls.

-treat the wait staff poorly. RED FLAG.

-talk about how miserable and lonely you are.

-get turnt on our date.

-try to kiss me on the first date.

-play games with me. I mean, Catchphrase, yes. Dating games? NO.

-talk about sexual sh*t. too soon, bro.

Do you have any items of your own? Let’s hear them! Comment below with your do’s and don’ts list. Until next time my ladies…




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