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Sometimes you check out empty handed

Happy Bachelor Monday! I’m saying it now: Corrine is going home and shit will hit the fan tonight. Who else is pumped to see her go 50 shades of cray cray? So my posts have been centered mostly around love and Mr. Forever but now I’m going to shift my focus to a topic that’s… Continue reading Sometimes you check out empty handed

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PSA: Life isn’t an IG post

Hello my fellow 20 somethings! I hope your week is starting out as bright as the sun is shining through my window right now. Can we just take a moment to talk about Monday’s episode of the Bachelor? Who else is still trying to process the $3k date Corinne took Nick on? Anyone else thinking… Continue reading PSA: Life isn’t an IG post

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Let it all out, honey

The struggle is so real today. I am trying to get back into the groove of things after spending the weekend with my awesome family/getting over a weird 24 hour exhaustion bug. My big bro is a basketball coach so I went down to SC to watch his last home game/see my parents/spend time with… Continue reading Let it all out, honey

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Good Cop, Bad Cop

Well now that the worst holiday ever is over, the actual holiday can start and that is 50% off candy. AMIRITE??? In all seriousness, I hope you all enjoyed your day. Whether you spent it with a SO, Galentines, or you had a Treat Yo Self moment… it is definitely a day that can be… Continue reading Good Cop, Bad Cop

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When You Know, You Know.

Before I get started, I want to preface this post by giving a huge shout out to my bestie C for keeping the posts and insta pics flowing. As you can see this is my first one in a hot minute. I have been dealing with some personal stuff that will eventually make for a… Continue reading When You Know, You Know.

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Why Valentine’s Day is the Worst

Ok… I understand that the title probably made you think that this post will be me (the single chick) bashing Valentine’s Day. Well, you’re right. Kinda. I am not bashing the holiday because I am single. No, no. I am bashing the holiday because it is literally the worst holiday. Why on earth do you… Continue reading Why Valentine’s Day is the Worst

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The Dating Chronicles: Part 1

I promised that I was going to document my dating life and the time has finally come. Enough of the intros. Let’s get down to business. I want to preface this by saying I am not documenting my dates to bash anyone. This is simply a space for me to share what is going on… Continue reading The Dating Chronicles: Part 1