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Setting the Single Stage

Hello you beautiful awesome souls. So glad that you are here reading this right now! I want to further my introduction to you to set the stage for what is to come from my portion of this blog. DATING. Oh boy. Here we go.

I have contemplated for a year now to do a blog ala Carrie Bradshaw style where I document my dating life. I talked and talked and talked about it but could never pull the trigger until J came up with the idea for a joint blog and here we are! Now, we will be discussing A LOT during our time together and I am really excited to have you on this journey with me. Let’s begin…

What a year. 2016 was a bit of a dating cluster to say the least.

Where do I even start? Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. (Sound of Music reference. Anyone??) Ok, January 2nd to be exact. This was the date of my breakup from hell. I have so many memories of that night. Memories of shock, tears and feeling completely numb. My relationship with X has always been up and down but we always held on knowing something special was there. Backstory: I met X on the beach in 2011 because I hit on him, a story he always loved bringing up when people would ask the inevitable question of how we met. We would always exchange grins and X would say “I will let C tell you.” Fast forward four years of on and off visits (he lived two hours away), texting, phone calls, trying to make something work but the timing was always off. Of course we dated other people but in 2015, we reconnected and it felt right. We decided to give this a shot and be in it 100% and I have never fell harder than I did with him. I met his family and instantly fell in love with all of their kind souls. Everything felt complete. I felt like I had found my person and that we would be together forever. Enter the start of 2016 and the demise of our relationship. Things happened. I don’t think it is necessary to go into details but enough happened to where I could not be his girlfriend anymore. There were some attempts to patch things up but nothing ever happened. It was never to the level that I knew I deserved. I would be lying if I said I closed that door in January. It has honestly been this weird year long breakup. I know what you’re thinking… A YEAR LONG BREAKUP?? But stick with me. More information will be disclosed later.

Let me give you a little 2016 timeline:

January- end relationship with X

February- start dating Narcy (you’ll understand this name later)

June- end relationship with Narcy

July- go on really bad dates. a lot.

August- meet some nice dudes. not right time. X reappears with intense family news. attempt to rekindle #1. result= fail

September- riding solo and it feels so good. X attempt to rekindle #2. result= fail

October- still riding solo. X attempt to rekindle #3. result= fail

November- X starts dating someone new. I find out via Facebook. Delete X from everything. client sets me up with a Cop.

December- couple dates with Cop. nice guy. X pops up in my text messages.

Aaaand here we are. Still receiving texts from X. Still seeing cop. Still going on some bad dates. This is single life. It’s a sticky, messy life that is full of the unknown but it is the current hand I am dealt and I cannot wait to share the struggles and triumphs with y’all.

Alright… I think I need to have some bonding time with my two best friends: Pinot and Grigio after this walk down memory lane. K see ya real soon!



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