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An Open Letter To My Friends

Do you find yourself being the token single girl in your girl gang? I do! Because I have awesome friends who care about me, they like to set me up on blind dates. Just typing blind date makes me cringe a little given my recent track record. After going on these blind dates I find… Continue reading An Open Letter To My Friends

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Setting the Single Stage

Hello you beautiful awesome souls. So glad that you are here reading this right now! I want to further my introduction to you to set the stage for what is to come from my portion of this blog. DATING. Oh boy. Here we go. I have contemplated for a year now to do a blog… Continue reading Setting the Single Stage

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We All Start Somewhere

Happy Friday! You’ve made it! The weekend is finally within our reach and we can all look forward to popping the cork off that bottle of wine and relaxing,Β or in my case finally do the laundry that has been on the floor of my closet for the last 5 days. Let me dive a little… Continue reading We All Start Somewhere